Denied Workers Compensation Claims / Appeals

Alpharetta Workers' Compensation Appeals

Until it has happened to you, you may not realize that having a workers' compensation claim denied is a fairly common occurrence. And while this may be a dismal prospect, appealing your claim in a timely manner is crucial to getting the compensation you deserve for your workplace injury. Hiring an attorney can give you the skill and edge needed to successfully appeal your claim.

At The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, in Alpharetta, Georgia, we work with clients whose denied claims leave them wondering if they will ever be granted the compensation they are entitled to for their workplace injuries. To obtain a free initial consultation to discuss your workers' comp case, we invite you to contact us and schedule a free initial consultation.

Assessing Your Situation

We closely examine matters related to your workers' comp claim to find out why it was denied. Often, through the course of our examination, we discover that poor communication and misunderstandings on the part of the employer play a significant role in a claim getting denied. This information is instrumental in helping us know how to best assist you in appealing your denied workers' compensation claim.

Providing Resources

In addition to providing personal injury services as well as assistance in filing initial workers' compensation claims, we provide referral services to those wishing to appeal their workers' comp claims or who have been fired for filing a workers' comp claim. We affiliate ourselves with lawyers who, like our attorneys, are equipped with experience and skill.

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