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Personal Injury Cases Resulting From Electrocution Injury

Electrocution injuries can be both physically and emotionally painful. In addition to burns, electrocution can result in severe heart or brain damage, sometimes causing temporary or permanent paralysis. If you or a loved one was seriously injured from electric shock through the negligence of others, then working with a personal injury attorney who has experience handling electrocution injury cases, could help you recover the monetary compensation that you or your family needs to cover your medical expenses and recover lost wages. According to recent statistics, nearly 40% of electrocution injuries are to those working with overhead power lines while another 30% occur in the home from household wiring and large appliances.

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Serious electrocution burns and other injury accidents typically require a long, painful recovery period. An electrocution accident may cause severe neurological damage that could even lead to paralysis. When the victim is unable to recover from their injury, the family members could bring wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible. You may be entitled to monetary compensation and a personal injury attorney like Casey Stevens can help you recover money for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Although paralysis can occur, the most common damages suffered in an electrocution accident are severe electrical burn injuries and death. If the electrical current is strong enough, it can stop the heart and lead to death from cardiac arrest within minutes. Because the cause of death is a heart attack, electrocution is often overlooked as the real cause of death. However, not all electrical contacts result in electrical burns or death and some electrical accidents can leave only subtle signs to indicate that the victim has suffered serious and possibly permanent injury to the brain or other organs.

Identifying Electrocution Accidents

Whatever the circumstances of your electrocution accident, electric shock injuries can result in all types of physical trauma including burns, muscle damage, cardiac arrest, brain damage, and other internal injuries. These injuries can be incredibly painful and require years of expensive therapies and treatments. Regardless of treatment, some injuries may not be repairable and the victim is left disabled or permanently scarred.

Common causes of electrocution accidents include:

  • Old, unmaintained equipment with frayed or exposed wiring
  • Employer negligence
  • Improperly monitored or excessive voltage levels
  • Use of the wrong tools and equipment for electrical work
  • Faulty power lines, circuits, or other components
  • Construction zones that are not clearly marked
  • Exposed, live wires on heavy equipment

Working with an Electrocution Personal Injury Lawyer

Casey W. Stevens understands that while most victims suffer from extensive physical pain immediately after the accident, some may also suffer in the financially. The inability to continue work can result in financial stress and lasting impairments can make performing normal day-to-day tasks difficult or impossible. Receiving a fair settlement can relieve the financial stress and allow victims and their families to focus on the necessary physical and emotional healing.

Because many consequences of electrical shock injuries have little or no visible damage, high voltage injury cases are complicated. A significant effort may be needed to establish liability. When Casey Stevens takes on electrocution injury cases, he examines the third party liability of the property owner, the utility company, any contractor or equipment operator, and even contractors responsible for past maintenance or repairs made to the power lines in question. Injury Attorney Stevens knows how to comb through maintenance records and other logs to get the facts that will support a client's case. Employees who work with overhead power lines are at a particular high risk for electrocution injury. Contact with overhead lines accounts for about two-fifths of all fatal electrocutions. The most common shock-related injury is a burn, but even a small external burn can have major internal effects.

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