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Daycare Negligence Attorney

Alpharetta Daycare Negligence Attorney

Sad BoyEvery year, millions of children participate in programs operated by daycare centers, nursery schools, and camps throughout the United States. The child care industry is highly regulated by Georgia State Law through the Department of Early Care and Learning a/k/a “Bright from the Start”. Regulations cover everything from staff to child ratios, to issues relating directly to a child’s safety. When you entrust the daily care of your child to a daycare provider, you do so with the belief that your child will receive the best care possible and be properly monitored throughout the day.

What is Daycare Negligence?

Returning to a daycare facility at the end of the day to find that your child has been seriously hurt or injured because of a caretaker’s abuse or negligence is a nightmare nobody wants to experience. There is a difference between injuries sustained because of negligence, and those that are a result of normal childhood play. If a child is being supervised but falls and hits his head, such an injury would generally not give rise to a claim, because no act or omission by the daycare’s employees caused the injury. However, many daycare injuries do occur as a result of negligence on the part of the daycare center’s employees. If a child in a daycare facility known to have a history of being violent to other children shoves and injures a child, the daycare facility may be liable for damages for allowing the child to remain at the facility. If a child chokes on a small item belonging to the school that they find in a room (choking on push pins is a common daycare injury), the daycare center would be liable for the injuries and damages.

At Casey W. Stevens Law: Alpharetta Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers, we have handled too many daycare negligence cases, and in each case the injuries were preventable.

Addressing Daycare Negligence Head On

If you have any suspicions about daycare negligence or abuse, act immediately. Take some time to look around your child’s daycare facility. Have all known dangers been removed? Are there any choking, suffocation or tripping hazards around? Are book cases and other heavy objects properly secured to the wall? Are any toxic chemicals within reach of the children? Are there emergency first aid kits and other safety equipment that are easily accessible? Are there live streaming video cameras in each room? Is the teacher to student ratio appropriate for the child’s age? Are all of the doors secured to prevent unauthorized entry and exit? Are the exit doorways further protected by a fence that will keep children from wandering? Is the playground equipment safe and well maintained? Are teachers positioned throughout the play area to allow for full visibility of all children? What about daycare field trips? Are the staff properly trained to supervise children outside a facility? Do they use buddy and head count techniques to ensure each child is accounted for at all times?

Pay attention to any changes in your child’s emotional health. Look for changes in separation anxiety or sleep. Get to know other parents and exchange phone numbers. Get to know all of the staff members, as we have found that parents are usually notified about abuse by other daycare teachers.

Our lawyers have successfully settled cases for clients whose children have been injured through daycare negligence or in premises liability cases.

Working on Your Behalf

There is no way for us to take the pain away from your child, but we can help our clients get some satisfaction that the facility and caregiver will be held responsible and that we may prevent similar injuries to other children. The services we provide are designed to help you obtain compensation for the negligence of others and to help your child get the medical assistance he or she needs in order to recover. Contact us for a free initial consultation. 770-408-6364

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