Burn Injuries

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Substantial burn injuries can involve multiple skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, disfigurement, and intense pain and suffering. Most burn injuries leave people disabled for months if not permanently. At The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, our lawyers are dedicated to recovering financial compensation for burn victims. We work with accident investigators to identify the cause of a fire or explosion in order to expose negligence on the part of employers, manufacturers, drivers or property owners. When necessary, we create day-in-the-life videos in order to explain to jurors just how our client's life has been impacted by his or her burn injuries.

We investigate the cause of a fire or explosion and demand nothing less than fair compensation for burn victims. To schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you, contact our burn injury attorneys at Casey W. Stevens today.  (770) 408-6364

Negligence and Causes of Burn Injuries

The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, represents clients burned in accidents caused by the following:

  • OSHA violations
  • Defective smoke alarms
  • Locked fire exits
  • Chemical explosions
  • Car, truck or bus accidents
  • Electrocution
Safety Violations - Working with Accident Investigators

Fires and explosions caused by safety violations can create additional liability for those who allow them to happen. That's why we are particularly diligent in investigating fires that occur in the workplace, hotels, restaurants, or retail stores. Since most businesses are required to adhere to fire codes and safety regulations, violations that lead to fires may involve reckless endangerment or a depraved indifference to the safety of others. While these may result in criminal charges, they may lead to punitive damages when the violations are particularly egregious.

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We have the medical, investigative, and financial expert-witness resources needed to help burn victims recover financial compensation for their injuries. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact our burn injury attorneys at Casey W. Stevens today. If you prefer a face-to-face meeting, you can visit us at one of our Georgia offices located in Woodstock, Atlanta, Dawsonville, Alpharetta and Suwanee, or we will come to you. (770) 408-6364