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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Alpharetta Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Motorcycle accidents typically occur when negligent car or truck drivers fail to see a motorcyclist at an intersection or in the lane beside or next to them. At Casey W. Stevens Law: Alpharetta Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers, our lawyers work closely with accident investigators to determine what really happened at the accident scene and expose defective roadway or negligent driving on the part of car, truck and bus drivers. We measure skid marks, evaluate the damage to the vehicles involved, interview eyewitnesses and, whenever possible, recover traffic camera footage. We realize insurance companies will have their own experts testify on behalf of their policyholder in the hopes of assigning total or partial blame to our client. We have the resources and knowledge needed to establish a balance of power in the courtroom and undermine the claims of insurance expert witnesses.

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Avoiding an Accident

As a cyclist, you know you are taking a calculated risk being out on the roadway with other vehicles. That is why proper training and equipment is essential. Protective riding gear including a properly fitting full coverage helmet, goggles, hearing protection and heavy-duty clothing and shoes can often times reduce injury when riding a motorcycle.

Practice your stopping skills. When both front and back brakes are applied at the same time and with even pressure, bikes are able to stop more quickly and safely. If the front brake locks up, quickly release and then reapply the brakes with the same even pressure. When stopping on a curve, when possible straighten the wheel before applying the brakes. If not possible, apply the brakes slowly and reduce your lean as much as possible, bringing the bike to the most upright position possible before coming to a complete stop.

Practice skid recovery techniques to avoid a crash. If your front tire starts to skid, release the front brake immediately. If the rear tire starts to skid, do not release the rear brake and keep the motorcycle at an upright position until it comes to a complete stop.

Braking and serving to not mix. If you encounter a hazard and must swerve, do not apply your brakes until the bike has straightened. Also practice taking curves to avoid accidents commonly caused by entering curves too quickly.

Share the road with other vehicles. Yes, that is commonly what you see cyclists request from others, but always remember you are at a greater risk of injury, even if the accident was not your fault. Do not ride in blind spots, follow too closely or weave in and out of traffic just because you can. Always be aware of what is going on beside or behind you to avoid side and rear collisions.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. Our firm works closely with clients and family members, paying visits to your home or the hospital, if necessary. Our firm handles injuries such as the following:

Securing Compensation for Our Clients

As seasoned lawyers with experience handling insurance defense cases, we understand personal injury cases from both perspectives and apply that knowledge to effectively resolve our cases. We spend a great deal of time investigating the motorcycle accident scene, talking to witnesses, contacting insurance companies and examining medical records. Our approach has helped numerous clients obtain damages for medical costs as well as for pain and suffering.

Client Reviews
After being involved and a five car accident I contacted Casey Stevens law firm. I was given his number by a fellow coworker at my job who had used him in the past and was very satisfied with his services. The car accident included myself my husband and my son, the accident was determined to be the fault of two drivers involved in the accident. Casey personally came to my home the next day and said down with me and my family at the kitchen table and went over all the events of the accident. There were months and months of physical therapy, doctor visits injections and while my son had to have his mouth wired after having his jaw broke in three places. Casey and his staff worked continuously on our case and after it was all said and done, they where able to get us over $300,000 in damages. I really want to Thank Casey Stevens and his staff for always being available for phone calls and answering any questions I might have. I will continue to recommend potential clients to Casey Stevens law firm. Nina F
Outstanding Attorney. Casey Stevens is outstanding!! Everyone there put me at ease and made me feel that my case was important to them, I was not just another number to them. Their professional staff were always on hand to answer any questions that I had and they sincerely cared about my well being. If I ever need legal help again, you will be my first and only call Susan