Initial Workers Compensation Claims

Alpharetta, Georgia, Workers' Compensation Claims

If a physical injury stemming from a work-related accident keeps you from working temporarily or permanently, filing a workers' compensation claim is the first step in obtaining benefits. Yet, knowing how to complete and file an initial workers' comp claim application can be an overwhelming task.

At The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, our workers' compensation claims lawyers are experienced in accurately and skillfully filing applications and working with clients to make sure they have financial coverage throughout the period of their application process. To find out more information, contact one of our Alpharetta, Atlanta, Suwanee, Dawsonville or Woodstock, Georgia offices today.  (770) 408-6364

Asking the Right Questions

We help our clients get to the heart of what matters in filing their workers' compensation claim. We ask specific questions designed to elicit specific answers - questions regarding the incident that caused the work injury, when the injury was first reported, when medical treatment was first sought, information about the employer and supervisor, the rate of pay, the number of years on the job and any concurrent employment. The answers to these and other questions give us a clear picture and ample information to fill out the workers' comp application completely.

Guiding Our Clients

When we help clients file a formal claim before the state board of workers' compensation, we make sure that they are receiving appropriate timely treatment. In addition, we monitor the application process closely and keep our clients informed of any information they need as well as the status of their claim. If a claim is denied, we are happy to provide workers' compensation appeals resources.

If you are living under the financial pressure and physical pain brought about by a personal injury, we invite you to contact The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, today. Call (770) 408-6364 for a free initial consultation. If you prefer a face-to-face meeting, you can visit us at our Roswell and Alpharetta, Georgia location, or we will come to you.