Event Reveals Dangers of Teen Car Accidents in Georgia

The most recent annual Road to Safety event sent a powerful message to teens and parents about the risks of teen car accidents in Georgia and elsewhere. The message was that sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but there are ways to deal with these scenarios - and possibly save your life.


Bo Jackson from Milton was one of the guests to take the stage at the recent Road to Safety video competition. The event was held at Alpharetta High School. Jackson's son, Parker, was 16-years-old when he died in a car accident back in 2006, according to Appen Newspapers.

Parker was popular at school. The night of the fatal accident, he was following all the rules. He had his seat belt fastened, his phone was put away, he was abiding by the speed limit and he was driving a Volvo, one of the safest vehicles on our roadways. The only thing working against him was his inexperience behind the wheel. Parker swerved off of the roadway after his tires slipped on the slick pavement. It had been raining that day. Our Georgia car accident attorneys understand that Parker fell victim to the same dangerous road conditions that are sometimes unavoidable. We know, though, that by teaching our teens how to react in these conditions, we can help reduce the risk of injury or death.

Parker over-corrected, drove into a ditch and slammed head on into a tree. Up until then, he hadn't done anything wrong.

Parker was pronounced dead on scene. A tree branch came through the roof of the vehicle and struck Parker in the only area of his body that wasn't covered by the vehicle's air bag.

Bo Jackson is using the story of his son's accident to help teens and parents across the state become safer drivers. He wants teens to remember this story every time they start their car.

"If you get only one thing out of my talk, it is this: car accidents are accidents. They are never intentional. So you need to be very intentional every time you get behind the wheel," said Jackson. "Ask yourself, each time before you drive, 'How do I eliminate all the distractions?'"

Jackson offered these driving tips:

-Speeding doesn't save you time. All it does is increase your risks for a crash.

-Don't get too comfy with familiar roads. Familiarity only offers a false sense of security. You're still at high risks for accidents on these roadways, too.

-Leave early and get to where you're going on time. Avoid leaving late and having to rush.

-Sign a parent-teen safe driving contract to lay out driving expectations and consequences.

-Always drive defensively.

-Be sure to buckle up during every car ride!

-Never drink and drive.

-Never assume anything on the road.

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