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Neck Surgery Attorney

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer - Neck Surgery

Accidents such as those involving motor vehicle crashes often result in neck injuries. Often the neck pain is not felt until one or two days after the accident. Some neck injuries require surgery and physical therapy. Often, neck injuries will result in life-long pain management. That is why it is important to hire an experienced neck injury lawyer for help. Because neck surgeries are costly procedures, making sure that the party or parties responsible for your injury cover your medical costs is important.

At Casey W. Stevens Law: Alpharetta Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers, in Alpharetta, Georgia, we work with clients just like you - individuals concerned that their medical bills and other costs associated with their injuries will financially cripple them. Let our attorneys help you in getting compensation that covers all areas associated with your personal injury. Contact us today. We’ve handled many neck and spine injury cases, and have recovered millions for our clients.

Common Neck Injuries

A common neck injury whiplash, which involves muscles and tendons. It occurs when the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, but the head is thrust forward, putting extreme tension on the neck.

Other injuries are often serious and sometimes require other treatments or surgery.

A pinched nerve is called cervical radiculopathy and occurs when pressure is placed upon the nerve in the neck or back. It can be caused by whiplash, swelling, or when cervical or spinal bone is moved out of place.

Spinal cord compression is known as cervical myelopathy. This occurs when the spinal cord itself is under pressure due to an injury.

A broken neck or cervical fracture. Is self-explanatory. A broken neck is the most severe of all neck injuries and can result in paralysis.

Treatments After a Neck Injury

The neck itself can be injured for many reasons. Someone can fall and the impact on their body can travel to their neck. Pain from neck injuries can be immediate or delayed for days as swelling sets in and nerves get pinched. It is best to seek medical assistance on the day of your injury, or within a few days of the accident. Delaying treatment may hurt your case.

Treatments include everything from alternating ice and heat to surgery. Here are three of the most common neck injury treatments.

A cervical fusion is often required when the neck is unstable or if movement in the neck causes pain. With this procedure, two cervical bones are fused to stop the motion in the area of instability. This requires less recovery time, but also results in reduced mobility and increases the chance of having the procedure repeated in the future.

A cervical anterior discectomy and fusion is done to treat a pinched nerve or spinal cord compression. Part of the vertebral body and bone spurs are removed.

A Laminectomy is to reduce pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. The idea is to remove involved ligaments, disks, and bone spurs to allow more room for the pinched nerves and cord. A metal hinge is inserted on the lamina to reduce pressure.

Obtaining Compensation After a Neck Injury

If you obtained an injury following a work-related accident, car crash, or slip and fall, speak with our attorneys. Together, we will examine the specifics of the accident leading to the injury and determine if we can build a strong case for obtaining compensation. Meet us in our Alpharetta, GA neck injury law office, or in one of our five other metro Atlanta locations. Contact us.

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After being involved and a five car accident I contacted Casey Stevens law firm. I was given his number by a fellow coworker at my job who had used him in the past and was very satisfied with his services. The car accident included myself my husband and my son, the accident was determined to be the fault of two drivers involved in the accident. Casey personally came to my home the next day and said down with me and my family at the kitchen table and went over all the events of the accident. There were months and months of physical therapy, doctor visits injections and while my son had to have his mouth wired after having his jaw broke in three places. Casey and his staff worked continuously on our case and after it was all said and done, they where able to get us over $300,000 in damages. I really want to Thank Casey Stevens and his staff for always being available for phone calls and answering any questions I might have. I will continue to recommend potential clients to Casey Stevens law firm. Nina F
Outstanding Attorney. Casey Stevens is outstanding!! Everyone there put me at ease and made me feel that my case was important to them, I was not just another number to them. Their professional staff were always on hand to answer any questions that I had and they sincerely cared about my well being. If I ever need legal help again, you will be my first and only call Susan