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Few things can compare to the trauma of being attacked or bitten by an animal. Increased media attention on vicious dog bite cases has helped increase animal control and personal caution, yet such incidents still occur at an alarmingly high rate.

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Handling Dog Bite Cases Individually, Comprehensively
  •  Physical injury stemming from a dog bite or animal attack can be serious, particularly when the victim is a child. Our firm gathers complete medical information and works to ensure that all medical costs and ongoing treatments are borne by the responsible party.
  •  Obtaining compensation for our clients also addresses costs related to psychological care following a traumatic injury or bite by a Rottweiler, pit bull, chow, Doberman or other vicious dog breed.
  •  Some bites or claws result in facial scarring or disfigurement. We have successfully obtained settlements that cover the cost of cosmetic or plastic surgery.
Presumption of Liability

Georgia is not a strict liability state. However, if a pet owner is in violation of the leash ordinance, there may be a case for negligence. Similarly, if the dog has bitten individuals on prior occasions, there is a presumption of liability and punitive damages may be imposed.

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