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Deadly Crash on I-75 in Henry County Claims Life of Motorcyclist

By The Law Offices of Casey W. Stevens

Thursday morning, September 12th, both the north and southbound lanes of I-75 were shut down for several hours after a deadly crash in Henry County. Just before 11:30am, 45-year-old motorcyclist Edward Bridges of Riverdale collided with an 18-wheeler and was killed. The driver of the truck was not injured.

The motorcycle and semi were traveling southbound just about a mile south of I-675 when the collision occurred. The two vehicles collided and the impact sent both vehicles through the median onto the northbound side of I-75. Due to debris from the crash, the semitrailer slid northbound for almost a half-mile before it was able to stop. The debris field crossed all six lanes of traffic, causing DOT to shut down the interstate for several hours to complete their investigation. The accident was caused by the semi-truck making an improper lane change according to Sgt. Joey Smith of the Henry County Police Department. Charges against the driver are pending.

Accidents involving semi-trucks always carry more risk of injury and death due to their sheer size and weight. (Read more about trucking accidents in the state of Georgia HERE or HERE) Truckers, in general, operate their massive vehicles with great care to insure the safety of other drivers on the road. While the truck driver was at fault here, it is unclear what caused this particular accident beyond the illegal lane change. The investigation is ongoing to determine if fatigue, substance abuse, recklessness, or other factors may have contributed to the crash.

While no amount of money could ever ease the pain that the family of Mr. Bridges feels as a result of his loss, they could be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. (Our website contains a wealth of information, including information on Wrongful Death Lawsuits) These lawsuits do more than just ensure that the families of accident victims are reimbursed for medical and funeral expenses, compensated for lost future earnings, and allowed to collect restitution for loss of companionship. Many times, wrongful death lawsuits force changes in the companies and industries at fault – changes that improve safety and could help to prevent future accidents and deaths.

Attorney Casey W. Stevens has dedicated his career to helping victims and their families settle claims against those responsible for their injuries or deaths. Unfortunately, in many cases the insurance companies that represent those responsible will do everything within their power to reduce their client’s responsibility. Mr. Stevens worked as a claims manager for the insurance industry for ten years before obtaining his law degree where it was his job to manage claims just like yours. After passing the bar, he continued to represent the insurance companies’ interests as a member of their legal defense team and knows their how they operate. Contact our office today and we will arrange for Mr. Stevens to personally meet with you in one of our six metro Atlanta offices to evaluate your case. The goal of our firm is to provide you with the best legal advice available so that you and your family can make informed decisions regarding your claim and compensation.

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