Unsafe Property

Georgia Premises Liability LawyersProperty Owners Must Keep Property Safe

Property owners have the responsibility and the duty to ensure that their properties are safe for anyone who visits. This legal principle is known as premises liability.

The principles of premises liability are especially strict for business owners and landlords, since they actively solicit people to visit in order to conduct commercial transactions. If they fail to meet their responsibility to keep their properties reasonably safe from hazards, then accidents and injuries will inevitably occur. When accidents occur due to the property owner's (or agent's) carelessness, the principles of premises liability state that the injury victim can recover financial compensation via a personal injury claim.

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The following are common types of property owner negligence:

Security Negligence: For a landlord, ensuring the safety of tenants can be as simple as having security cameras installed in hallways and parking lots and conducting background checks on all employees.

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