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Roswell Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

By: Casey W. Stevens

Casey Stevens Represents Victims of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect All Over North Georgia

When you trust the care of your elderly or disabled loved one to a facility or caregiver and discover that they are being abused rather than cared for, it is both devastating and disturbing. The elderly and disabled make easy victims for emotional, financial and physical abuse, but the most common form of elder abuse is neglect. If someone that you love has been the victim of abuse at the hands of those entrusted to care for them, personal injury attorney Casey Stevens can help.

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One of the scariest things about having to place your loved one into a nursing home facility is the loss of control over their care. Many times, choosing one of these facilities is the result of being unable to care for your loved one anymore by yourself. Suddenly, you are no longer a part of their day to day care and must rely on the staff of the facility to supply basic, day-to-day needs like food, medicines, and personal hygiene. In addition, isolation from others, verbal abuse, and basic lack of respect for the patient can cause emotional abuse. In some cases, even with frequent visits to the facility, neglect and abuse takes a long time to recognize. Some common signs to watch for include:

  • Bed Sores
  • Sudden Weight Loss
  • Sudden Hair Loss
  • Bruising (particularly from unnecessary restraints)
  • Depression
  • Signs of dehydration and malnutrition (glassy, red eyes and mouth sores are common)

Abuse or neglect in any form is unacceptable and should be reported immediately. When abuse occurs, the victim and their families may be entitled to financial compensation to cover medical costs, relocation to another facility, pain and suffering, or wrongful death. In many cases, abuse and neglect are covered under a facility’s medical malpractice insurance and claims are settled without the root causes ever being addressed. Before accepting an offer for settlement from an insurance company, it is important to understand your rights and the rights of the victim, and the best way to have these explained is to contact a personal injury attorney like Casey Stevens.

We can Help

The Law Offices of Casey Stevens can help you determine if abuse has occurred and what type of recourse you may have against those responsible. Our firm regularly works with doctors and investigators in care facility abuse cases to help recover compensation for victims and their families. Mr. Stevens will meet with you personally in any of our six metro Atlanta offices to listen to the details of your claim, or if travel is difficult or impossible for you, he will gladly come to meet with you and the victim in your home or hospital room. Attorney Stevens has a unique knowledge of how the insurance industry works – he spent ten years as an insurance claims manager and then several more as a member of a legal defense team combating claims like yours. Since 2001, when he opened his own firm, he has been fighting for his clients to receive the compensation that they deserve through a systematic and thorough approach to combat the insurance companies’ tactics. It is his belief that every victim deserves to be represented in their claim regardless of their current financial situation. His initial consultation is always free and every case that we take on is contingency based – once you sign with us to represent you and your loved one, you will pay nothing out of pocket until your case is settled and you have your settlement in hand. Our firm will front any necessary costs to investigate and prove your claim.

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After being involved and a five car accident I contacted Casey Stevens law firm. I was given his number by a fellow coworker at my job who had used him in the past and was very satisfied with his services. The car accident included myself my husband and my son, the accident was determined to be the fault of two drivers involved in the accident. Casey personally came to my home the next day and said down with me and my family at the kitchen table and went over all the events of the accident. There were months and months of physical therapy, doctor visits injections and while my son had to have his mouth wired after having his jaw broke in three places. Casey and his staff worked continuously on our case and after it was all said and done, they where able to get us over $300,000 in damages. I really want to Thank Casey Stevens and his staff for always being available for phone calls and answering any questions I might have. I will continue to recommend potential clients to Casey Stevens law firm. Nina F
Outstanding Attorney. Casey Stevens is outstanding!! Everyone there put me at ease and made me feel that my case was important to them, I was not just another number to them. Their professional staff were always on hand to answer any questions that I had and they sincerely cared about my well being. If I ever need legal help again, you will be my first and only call Susan