Reckless Driving, Road Debris, and Speeding Contributed to Auto Death on I-285

By Casey W. Stevens

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A Saturday morning accident on I-285 involving an 18-wheeler resulted in one fatality. The accident was ultimately caused when 45-year-old Ruben Vega struck the retaining wall and dislodged his bumper. The bumper was blocking the lane, and the approaching 18-wheeler slowed to a near stop to avoid colliding with it. Gerald D. Wallace, 36 from Norcross, struck the back of the 18-wheeler and was killed.

Reckless Driving Was a Factor

Witnesses said that Mr. Vega was driving recklessly when he crossed traffic and struck the retaining wall prior to the fatal crash. His bumper came off and obstructed the lane, forcing the 18-wheeler to slow down to a near stop to avoid hitting it. (Running over debris can cause serious accidents and put even more drivers at risk.) The police have charged Mr. Vega with a lane violation as well as 2nd degree vehicular homicide. But according to eye-witness accounts, Mr. Wallace’s vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed when it struck the 18-wheeler. The driver of the 18-wheeler has not been charged, and the investigation is still ongoing.

A Complicated Case

Under Georgia law, the liability for this accident lies with the first driver because his reckless driving caused him to strike the retaining wall and leave debris that blocked the lane of traffic. While a tractor trailer’s sheer size is typically a contributing factor to any accident that they are involved in, in this particular case, the size of the truck did not play a role. In fact, as the second driver, the 18-wheeler driver operated his vehicle responsibly and in accordance with Georgia law by slowing for the debris in the road. However, the third driver, if he was in fact speeding, shares some level of responsibility for the accident as well. In a liability lawsuit, a jury would have to decide what percentage of liability lies with each party.

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