Negligent Security

Alpharetta, Georgia, Negligent Security Lawyer

Few things are as unnerving as walking to your car in a dark parking lot late at night or stepping out of a building where there are no lights to help guide you. In such circumstances, individuals often become the target of thieves, muggers and rapists. Even worse is finding out too late that such venues lack surveillance cameras, security posts or guards on duty to respond to attacks.

If you have been the victim of an attack on a property that is not properly equipped with security features, you may be able to obtain compensation for injury or loss of property. Contact The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, in one of our five North Georgia offices, for legal assistance you can trust.  (770) 408-6364

Areas of Higher Incidents of Crime

Negligent security is often the cause of attacks and injuries in public places. Perpetrators of assault and theft crimes look for venues in which security features are either disabled or ineffective in order to more effectively carry out their activities. Too often, because of negligent security issues, people have been mugged, robbed, raped or physically assaulted in public spaces such as the following:

  •  Parking garages
  •  Nightclubs
  •  Convenience stores
  •  Restaurants
  •  Bars
Ensuring Protection of Rights

At The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, our firm support of clients injured in spaces with inadequate security is personal, caring and effective. Our thorough knowledge of security standards and careful examination of the injury site provide us with the information we need to pursue compensation for injured parties.

If you are living under the financial pressure and physical pain brought about by a personal injury, we invite you to contact The Law Office of Casey W. Stevens, today. Call (770) 408-6364 for a free initial consultation.