Jet Ski Accidents

Georgia Jet Ski Accident Attorneys

In 2011, jet skis were the cause of 1,158 accidents and 44 deaths on the water, second only to open motorboats. Since riding a jet ski is much like riding a motorcycle on the open water, accidents involving jet skis are more likely to cause critical injuries or fatalities. Many of those accidents happen on Georgia lakes* every year.

Driver Inexperience –Regardless of the age, experience driving a PWC counts. Jet skis handle much differently than vehicles with wheels, and even boats. Don’t make the mistake of treating a jet ski like a toy. Inexperienced drivers can make poor decisions, and accidents happen quickly. Approaching the land, a dock, a swimmer or another boat or PWC too quickly is one major mistake made by jet ski drivers. Once that happens, there’s no brakes to stop impact. Jet ski steering is not as tight as that of a vehicle with wheels, so obstacle aversion is much more difficult.

Jet ski drivers often approach wakes too quickly, resulting in a submarine effect that causes the driver to impact the handlebars, and the passengers to fly over, and possibly be impacted by the jet ski itself. Jet ski drivers must also know the dangers of jet power. Passengers in the water behind the jets can sustain serious injuries, including miscarriages caused by extreme water propulsion. Hair can become trapped in the water intake ports, resulting in severe injuries or drowning.

Causes of Jet Ski Accidents in Georgia

Reckless Driving – This type of accident is typical of younger, intoxicated or more inexperienced drivers. Reckless driving includes un-careful driving through a congested area, or driving too quickly near a boat or civilians in the water. It is unlawful to follow a boat too closely, or to follow a boat that is pulling a tube with passengers.

Driver Distraction –The growing numbers of personal watercraft in the water have resulted more in congested waterways and increased hazards; therefore, drivers are adjured to exercise diligent attention and caution when operating any type of PWC.

Difficult Steering – PWCs are thrust propelled which means that the throttle must be in the forward position in order for a jet ski steer correctly. There is no braking system at all, and putting the jet ski in neutral results in no steering. Jet skis whose throttle is in the reverse position cause the jet ski to move slowly, and often in a circular motion.

Possible Injuries Caused During Jet Ski Accidents
  • traumatic brain injury
  • spinal cord damage and paralysis
  • broken bones
  • head, chest, and abdominal trauma
  • disfigurement
  • lacerations and burns
  • soft tissue injury
  • drowning
  • wrongful death

If you were involved in a PWC accident and injured by a reckless boater or jet skier, call our law firm for a free consultation. You may collect financial compensation for your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering and even future loss of enjoyment of life. Don’t wait. The limit of time to file an injury claim in the State of Georgia is two years. After that, your rights are gone.

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