Getting Your Medical Bills Paid Following a Georgia Car Accident - Part II

So the other driver is at fault, but I can't get paid by their insurance company until I am done with my treatment? What are my options?

Unfortunately, getting the necessary medical treatment can often be very expensive. So, what do you do about getting your medical bills paid before a Georgia injury law firm has professionally prepared it for evaluation and settlement?
There are three basic options for getting your medical bills paid while you are receiving treatment:

  • Private or government health insurance,

  • automobile medical payments coverage; or

  • receiving treatment on an attorney's lien.
If you are covered under a private individual or group health insurance plan, or government forms of health insurance such as Medicare, Tricare or Medicaid, these health plans can be utilized to pay medical benefits while you are receiving treatment. There are many advantages to utilizing health insurance coverage to pay your medical expenses while you are receiving treatment.
  • First and foremost, you will not have to come "out of pocket" to pay for expensive medical treatment.

  • Secondly, by getting your medical bills paid by a health insurer, you will not have to use a sizeable portion of your settlement funds to pay outstanding medical bills or to reimburse yourself for money you spent on your medical care. (Note: In some instances, a health insurer may be allowed reimbursement from your recovery from the at-fault party for funds it paid on your behalf for your medical treatment.)

  • Finally, the fact that health insurance or automobile medical payments coverage insurance (discussed next) pays some, or all of your medical expenses in no way limits your ability to recover the full amount of your medical expenses from the at-fault party.
Under Georgia law, the at-fault party and its liability insurance company is required to fully compensate you for your medical expenses regardless of whether such expenses are truly "out of pocket." In fact, evidence of payments by health insurers (referred to as a "collateral" source of payment) is inadmissible as evidence in a personal injury case.

Another option for getting your medical expenses paid while you are receiving medical treatment is through your own automobile insurance company. Many policies contain "Medical Payments Coverage." This is an optional coverage that provides for payment of medical expenses incurred as a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision. The policy limits for such coverage varies depending on the insurance policy and the amount requested by the policyholder. Limits in the amount of $5,000 and $10,000 are most common, although lesser and greater amounts of coverage can be purchased.

I have no insurance coverage at all, how can I pay my doctor bills while I am waiting for my case to be resolved if I have no insurance?

If you do not have health insurance or medical payments coverage under your auto policy, and cannot afford to come "out of pocket" for medical treatment while your personal injury case is pending, another option is to obtain medical treatment on an "attorney lien." In such a scenario, your attorney will be required to sign a lien with the doctor providing treatment, against any future recovery you receive on your personal injury case. The doctor will provide you with the necessary medical treatment and will bill you for his/her services. However, the doctor agrees to wait until such time as your case is resolved before requiring payment for his services. Often, this is the only way an injured person is able to get the necessary medical treatment following a motor vehicle collision. Our Metro Atlanta Injury Law Firm works with orthopedists and other doctors specializing in treatments for injuries. We are able to get clients treated by quality physicians who will accept liens against an anticipated settlement.

What else should I know about the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Georgia when it comes to getting my medical bills paid?

The bottom line is this. If you have a seasoned, professional Georgia accident attorney, your attorney should be able to negotiate down some of your doctor and hospital bills. Not every law office is willing to do this for their clients, but we feel it is our duty since in our opinion it is part of ensuring our clients get the maximum recovery possible. So if you have medical expenses that you are responsible for out of pocket, we will do whatever we can to relieve the burden of those expenses from you, regardless of your settlement amount.

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