Fatal Accident Caused By Flying Debris on I-85

Dozens of accidents occur along Atlanta’s highways every day, and the results can be devastating for those involved. Tragedy struck without warning for the family of 47-year old Alla Massud on Friday, April 26th. Mrs. Massud was driving carefully down I-85 taking her 16-year old daughter, Sana, to school when events on the other side of the highway were unfolding that would ultimately end her life.

According to the Dekalb County Police, 28-year old Michael Green was driving on the northbound side of I-85 when the front tire came off of his 1998 Dodge Ram 3500, flew into the air, and struck Mrs. Massud’s blue Plymouth Voyager mini-van as she was driving in the HOV lane on the southbound side about 40 miles northwest of Atlanta. Calvin Williamson of Norcross was in the center lane behind Mrs. Massud and watched in horror as the tire struck on the driver’s roof, crushing it peeling it back. The van slowly drifted toward the barrier wall and came to a stop. Williamson stopped and ran to help 16-year old Sana who was hysterical – standing up through the roof of the car screaming for help. He felt for a pulse on Mrs. Massud and found none. Sana was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for evaluation, but was not seriously injured.

The accident shut down several lanes of I-85 during the morning rush hour as police investigated. According to Michael Green, he made a defensive move when another driver entered his lane without warning, and that is when his front tire flew off of his truck, into the air and bounced across several lanes of traffic before crushing Mrs. Massud’s van, killing her instantly. The police said that the reason that the tire flew off was still under investigation, and it was unknown if Michael Green would face charges.

The most recent statistics available from the Georgia Department of Transportation are from 2009, and indicate that “tire failure” was responsible for 5 fatal accidents that year, but there are no available statistics about the number of deaths caused by debris. The classification of “tire failure” generally includes blow outs, lost treads, and manufacturing defects, but does not include accidents of this nature.

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