Avoid Vehicle Accidents in Atlanta This Fourth of July Holiday Weekend

Our North Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday weekend as we all celebrate our country's independence.


But with taking off from work and enjoy time with family and friends comes an added risk of safety. AAA estimates that nearly 39 million drivers will be on the roads this Fourth of July holiday weekend, down from about 40 million 2010. The national road group believes that an average $1 increase in gasoline across the country will keep people from traveling 50 miles from their home.

While there may be a slight decrease in vehicles on the roads, it's all relative. Thirty nine million drivers is a lot of vehicles on the highways and roads of our country. So, be prepared to avoid an Atlanta car accident by practicing defensive driving, traveling at the speed limit and using extra caution. People will be rushing to vacation spots and other destinations and they may not pay attention.

Also, it's inevitable that Atlanta drunk driving accidents will happen. In 2008, according to the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, there were nearly 1,500 fatality accidents in Georgia and more than 400 were alcohol-related.

Drunk driving accidents can cause severe neck, back and head injuries, many of which are irreparable. They can take months and sometimes years to correct and cost thousands in medical bills. And then there are the situations when a person is unable to properly recover and has a lifetime of damage. They are tragic and demand justice.


And nearly as troublesome in our society are texting while driving car accidents in Cumming. Traditional distracted driving once meant changing the radio station, applying makeup or talking with others in the vehicle. But now, texting while driving has become one of the top reasons for accidents in America.

Also, the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety reports that a 2006 study showed that 80 percent of crashes were caused by some form of distraction. A National Safety Council survey found that 10 percent of daytime motorists use some type of hand-held phone.

And in 2010, Georgia lawmakers passed a bill into law that prohibits cell phone use for teen drivers in an effort to cut down on these types of accidents. But with more teens on the roads because of school being out and warmer weather among us, this type of bad driving could come into play still. Teens have become used to using phones and texting while driving, talking while driving or browsing the web while driving can all be distractions that cause severe accidents.

Boating accidents happen because North Georgia has beautiful lakes and with summer temperatures heating up, people will be sure to get out and enjoy the sun. In 2008, there were 86 watercraft-related injuries and 11 fatalities on Georgia lakes.

This is a cause for concern and a reminder to properly inspect one's vessel, don't drink and boat and look out for others this holiday weekend and into the summer months. Take extra precautions to keep your family safe. Enjoy the time together and make sure your memories aren't tainted by preventable accidents.

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