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Celebrity Hit and Run Car Accidents - Commentary by Georgia Personal Injury Attorney, Casey W. Stevens

Hit and Run accidents result in serious consequences for the drivers, and celebrity drivers should be no exception. Actress Amanda Bynes was allegedly involved in two hit and run accidents within a five month period. The first hit and run occurred on April 10, 2012, when Bynes was attempting to execute a right hand turn and sideswiped a police car in Los Angeles, California. This first hit and run also involved an alleged DUI charge. Bynes faces a second hit and run charge from August 4, 2012 when she allegedly rear-ended a car, stopped only briefly (not providing her insurance information or allowing the police to be called as required by law), and drove away. If Bynes is convicted, she could face a sentence of six months in jail for each count. At first, Bynes was not going to be charged with the April hit and run incident--that was until after the August crash occurred. Once the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office formally charged Bynes with two counts of hit and run, her driver's license was suspended.

Hit and Run Accidents and Georgia State Law

According to Georgia Accident Lawyer, Casey W. Stevens, Georgia State law § 40-6-270, states it is the duty of the driver to stop at or return to the scene of the accident.

§ 40-6-270
(a) The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or the death of any person or in damage to a vehicle which is driven or attended by any person shall immediately stop such vehicle at the scene of the accident or shall stop as close thereto as possible and forthwith return to the scene of the accident and shall:

  • Give his or her name and address and the registration number of the vehicle he or she is driving;
  • Upon request and if it is available, exhibit his or her operator's license to the person struck or the driver or occupant of or person attending any vehicle collided with;
  • Render to any person injured in such accident reasonable assistance, including the transporting, or the making of arrangements for the transporting, of such person to a physician, surgeon, or hospital for medical or surgical treatment if it is apparent that such treatment is necessary or if such transporting is requested by the injured person; and
  • Where a person injured in such accident is unconscious, appears deceased, or is otherwise unable to communicate, make every reasonable effort to ensure that emergency medical services and local law enforcement are contacted for the purpose of reporting the accident and making a request for assistance.
  • The driver shall in every event remain at the scene of the accident until fulfilling the requirements of this subsection. Every such stop shall be made without obstructing traffic more than is necessary.
What to do if You are the Victim of a Hit and Run Driver in Georgia
  • Observe as many details about the driver and vehicle as possible: the type of vehicle, color, tag number, and any distinguishing marks.
  • Contact the metro Atlanta police to report the hit and run accident.
  • Write down your own notes about the accident: date, time, and location, details of what happened, and the names and numbers of any potential witnesses.
  • Go to a medical provider for examination and treatment of your injuries. Even seemingly minor injuries, could be a greater "hidden" injury.
  • Contact your insurance carrier to report the hit and run accident.
  • Find a skilled Atlanta area hit and run attorney.

Even if you are not a celebrity, we will give your case the attention it deserves to ensure you recover the full legal compensation that you are entitled to. If you have been injured in a car accident in Georgia, call the attorneys at the Law Office of Casey W. Stevens today to schedule your free consultation: 770-408-6364

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Amanda Bynes' alleged hit-and-run case goes to court.

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